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KOJIMA Ludens Type 0

As a big fan of Hideo Kojima's work since childhood, I wanted to celebrate his new awesome, unique adventure with a vehicle inspired by Death Stranding and the crazy Kojima Productions logo/character, Ludens. The long translucent cabin is inspired by the helmet of Ludens and the whole architecture is guided by the main character lines of it, also considering color break-ups, details and so on. The vehicle doesn't belong to any living driver at all, so I could call it "autonomous vehicle" in a way, even if I have to say that some sort of organic/human "component" is in there and it's alive. This is not your typical autonomous vehicle, not at all. No one is in charge of the control from remote and neural cybernetic systems are leading the machine. Let say that you have to be dead to drive it. This one here, is Raiden's brain.